Beat Pain, Feel Great & Pamper Yourself!

Let Tauchlor Products help you Beat Pain, Feel Rejuvenated, Detoxify and Repair, while our Bath and Beauty products Pamper You All Over!  Find out what all the excitement is about!

Why Choose Us?

Tauchlor products were designed by a biochemist, based on an amino acid  already found naturally in your body.  A decade of Scientific research has already shown this amino acid and its derivatives are highly effective against inflammation, pain and the ravages often associated with auto-immune reactions (like rhumatoid arthritis).

What this means for you...  Tauchlor products are designed from the ground up to fight the most stubborn pain! And even more important - the relief can last for weeks at a time!

That's right!  After a couple applications, most people just start moving naturally again - and actually forget they even had any pain! 

How long the results last depends on the individual.  Usually the relief lasts 1-2 weeks before you'll need to apply more cream.

Tauchlor Transdermal Cream is not available in any stores.  It's made locally, and supervised by the developers to ensure you get the finest quality.

....... I work outside and when the weather turns, my neck stiffens up. I tried all the stuff at the drugstore, no good.  I gave Tauchlor a try last winter and suddenly I could turn my head, and move my shoulders like I do in the summer!

Terri G.
Wayne, MI


We ship from three locations in the US - with our primary hub in Niagara Falls, NY.   Our store is ONLY available online - that's how we keep the costs low.


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